Arguably one of the most beautiful cars on the planet, bar-none.  An ultra-exotic to be enjoyed--with an unmatched mix of passion, beauty, performance and practicality.

Tubi Exhaust is made by hand in Italy and designed to perfect the tone of the Ferrari-designed V8 powerplant. I've never heard a more stunning and beautiful sounding car--seriously.  She sounds even better than she looks...if that's possible! 

Incredible Blu Oceano--without a doubt, one of the most elegant and desireable colors.

Tridente--mark of elegance.

Agressive carbon-laced front-end.

Invisible Bra protects the entire front bumper, half of the hood and the mirrors from road debris and damage.

Tubi Chrome-tip pipes.

Supermodel rear-end!

Left-side Tubi.

Highest quality F1 carbon throughout--including the rear MC wing, which is as much a work of art as it is functional--increasing downforce by around 30%!

Giallo contrasted brake calipers.

Perfect stance, clean wheels.

Caliper detail.

All systems function perfectly!

Fabulously well organized and pristine engine bay.

Engine is as clean as can be with color-matched intakes.

Beautiful and clean inside and out.

The most desireable of all GT interiors...all carbon.  Also has upgraded MC pedals.

Absolutely nothing compares to a carbon fiber steering wheel.

Navigation with iPod connectivity in the glovebox.

Bianco contrast stitching throughout.

An exotic of this stature inspires passion and a zest for life.  From the steering wheel to the throttle...this GranTurismo provides the utopian driving experience.